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A writer wanting to become an Author.

Shameyn a close and good friend writer wanting to become and author. I wish you all the luck in the world and I support you all the way and you could count on me. She currently working on her first series of paranormal romance with historic fiction, that probably be out on 2012. 

"Allow me to introduce you to this, my journey. From the simple art of writing, to the hectic world of publications. I would be sharing my thoughts, my dreams, nightmares and all my hopes in this little thing call ‘blog’. For those who are already published authors, congratulations. If you may throw a hint or two, my way I’ll appreciated. But, if you’re like me; a simple writer, with an immense dream to become publish, follow me. Maybe we can ride this journey together. With Love. Shameyn"

You could follow her @shameyn79

and her blog shameyndones.blogspot.com

show some support thank every one…….

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